16 March 2019



Human lives are mostly about living out stories, most often repetitive and mundane, while a few live in search of what life is from the inside, as life exploring life.  The latter often start out feeling alienated and alone because they find few others like themselves and spend much of their lives fighting inclusion into the mundane world of the Matrix.

If we are lucky, we turn away from the world early and spend more time discovering ourselves as spirit, as non-material, non-entities living in an experiential world or ever-changing energies and potential.

Such a world appears very unstable because it has no fixed stories, no fables like the American Dream, becoming a doctor or corporate raider.  It is a fluid and often scary existence with no roof or floor, no certainty, no security except when it trusts itself.
But living life from within rather than from without allows you to live life as spirit, spontaneously from within, far deeper than from the mind’s stories.  When you live from within, you live life as an incarnation of the divine.  You are no longer human, but a spiritual non-entity enjoying God’s work.

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