27 March 2019

Everything is story; literally, all existence, all forms and everything you touch, taste or feel is created by definitions and stories in your mind. History, science, politics, society, religion and spirituality, all are but a series of concepts, and the reality of these resides in our minds. When you understand this, it is possible to escape from whatever "reality" your mind has created in you, whether it is a life of poverty and disease somewhere in Africa or Asia, or a life of wealth and relative safety somewhere in northern Europe. In all of these places, the reality depends on the stories that circulate in our minds, and the strength of our belief in these ideas.

That is, life for everyone is almost totally a fantasy process, one that divides Arabs, from Christians, from Buddhists, from Democrats, from Republicans, from Northerners or Southerners. All division is created by mind.

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