30 March 2019


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Why I teach the way of divine incarnation as opposed to Robert’s and Nisargadatta’s way of the absolute, the unborn.

Nisargadatta’s and Ramana’s teachings really are for old souls, who have already realized God and have tasted deep and long of divine bliss, grace, and love. Both teach about the state where there is no time, no space, no experience and no experiencer. Even many of great saints will dive deeply into that abyss find themselves dragged back into the world to seek God, grace, and love.

So really, I urge you not to be beguiled by Advaita or the Buddhist concept of Nirvana. Both are for those totally ready to leave life.

Instead, I encourage people to seek the life force within themselves, the divine, the vision and energetic experience of God within themselves, because this experience changes everything. One gradually this identifies with the mundane world they lived in, and enters a world of love, sacrifice, surrender, bliss, divine energies, and helpfulness to all beings and everywhere by the actions they do in the words they speak.

As Robert so clearly pointed out to his students Satsang after Satsang, the Jnani is the most useless of beings. He or she is so lazy they sometimes cannot be bothered to eat. They are no longer of this world, but not in the way of the yogi. Rather they are beyond the world in the sense it has no interest in them and they pay no heed to it. They were out of this world. As Robert’s wife Nicole used to say to me, “I keep expecting a flying saucer to land and take Robert back to his planet.” That is how out of the world she experienced them to be, as did most other people.

The same can be found about Ramana, and Nisargadatta often said in his final talks that he could not wait to leave, any of the leaving would not be too much of a trouble for him. That is, he wanted to die peacefully.

I know many of you are in deep psychological or physical pain and you are looking for escape. You may have thought of suicide. You may have thought of dropping everything and becoming a monk. You may have thought of living by yourself in the woods or the countryside in India. But unless you have a teacher, either someone like Robert Adams who can take you to the unborn state, or someone like myself teaches the spirituality of the divine, of realizing yourself present incarnation of God and that living this way as a light for all, you will waste your time. You really need a teacher. It is so hard to find one’s way out of self-delusion, especially just by reading a book by Robert, Ramana, Nisargadatta, or many books about Kasmir Shaivism, all that knowledge is intellectual and not transformational. Only major experiences in the realm of feeling, the divine, God our transformative, while experiencial understanding of the unborn state text you entirely beyond life.

The unborn state is often briefly touched by experienced meditators who find it absolutely restful, it is not a state for the human race as a whole. We as a species are on the brink of self annihilation through climate change, as well as total species collapse of all living beings. But we need now is a kind of salvation that is uplifting, empowering, with more universal compassion and ability to act in this way as opposed to the uselessness of the unborn state.

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