05 July 2010

Hi Edji

I am OK thank you!

There is so much to say and words are not the best way to communicate it.

I didn't have too much time for meditation lately but attention is continually fixed on the "I Am"... that knowledge of existence, of which I lost track for so many years, is now being witnessed.

It is just a little sparkle...but everything is in it and without it nothing exists. It has so much power.

But this knowledge is transient. Whenever it disappear all the beauty and pain of this world disappear with it... there is nothing left except I. I am there and never leave.

I was lost looking at the play of consciousness and thinking I was looking through my eyes... but now I know that I have no eyes. Thank you for guiding me along the way.

My body is going on as usual but I feel emotionally so far from everything.
I am untouched by all but, as long as this knowledge will be there, this body will be there in order to experience it.

I don't know why this witnessing of the world happened... 

but since I am here why not help? After all there is nothing for me to do any more...
nothing to achieve and nothing to improve. So what to do with all this?
Even if everything is unreal and out of control...why not taking care of whoever ask for your help?

At least this is what I feel like doing at the moment.

You have given me something that has no value...thank you my Master.

I'll write you soon.


P.S. I am sorry for my poor English.


You English is fine enough. It expresses the correct mind and heart well.

Yes, all that is left is to take care of other sentient beings, whether human or animals.

You are doing well.


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