16 July 2010

            RAJIV'S SATSANG:

Master Edji addressed the importance of the need for Satsang wonderfully in an earlier post given below. However there have been few mails and numerous conversations I have had asking about what we would be actually covering in the Satsang. I am presenting a brief write out on what we intent to do during the Satsang so that Seekers know what to expect from the session:

1)    Investigating or Hunting the I – True essence of Advaitic teachings as enumerated by Edji and the Masters.

2)    Investigating the four bodies through a step-by-step process thereby avoiding skipping the important steps required for progress and stability in practice.

3)    How to make Joy, Bliss, peace and Oneness manifest itself in daily waking states and carry this true Advaitic Joy in every aspect of your life.

4)    How to deal with various emotions, which can erupt during Sadhana.

5)    Reaching states of various Samadhis resulting in effortless Dyhaan.

6)    The importance of physical Guru/teacher and the Inner Guru.

7)    The true meaning and aspects of the wordless “IAMness” and how it is actually reached in its purest form, namely Turiya.

8)    How to permanently rest there as the background SELF.

       These are few things I will try to achieve with those who wish to join for Satsang. Naturally not all points will be covered or achieved in one single day. The above will take time, effort and devotion from the side of the Seeker.

I plan to conduct Satsang every Saturday between 10 am till 2 pm. Those interested in attending the same will be required to send me a confirmation atleast 4 days prior so I am aware how many are actually attending.

Those who are visiting me from outside Mumbai or India will need to arrange their own accommodation should they plan to stay for a few days. Information on the hotels/motels will be provided on request.

The timings for Meditation, chanting and talks (doubts or discussions) will be put up later as things begin to take its natural course.

With the Blessings of Edji and Shri Robert and all the Masters I take this initiative and thank you for the mails and interest shown by the Seeker in this most wonderful path. It will be my greatest pleasure to take this journey again and again with the many Bal Gopalas of Ed Muzika.

Rajiv Kapur    rajiv108@yahoo.com


  1. For those who will unable to make it, due to distance, will it be possible for recordings to be made of the satsangs and posted onto the web or itunes? parnam

  2. May I also request that for those who live abroad a video is made which we can view. I am happy to make a donation towards this.
    Many Thanks,

  3. Firstly I would like to thank all the numerous mails I have got from within India and Abroad showing interest in attending Satsang with me. It is no less my own privilege to be in the company of true seekers.
    The response and mails coming from all over the world have been so many that it is possible that few mails have yet gone unanswered from my side. I am trying best to bridge this gap. My sincere apologies to those I still couldn’t reply so far due to lack of time but please know I am improving on that. Kindly allow 2 to 3 days time for replies.

    There are also few things I would like to address keeping in mind the Satsang and those who wish to attend it.

    Firstly every seeker with Padmasana or without Padmansana is welcome for the Satsang. The reason Edji mentioned about Padmasana is because it is a wonderful posture to keep samadhi going for long. It is very steady posture. And surely one must strive to achieve it however it doesn’t mean that those who are not in Padmasana but sitting in Sukhasana or ArdhpadmaAsana (half Lotus) will not stand to gain progress or even achieve Samadhi. Padmasana is a worthwhile achievement but not more important than steadying the mind and going beyond it. The focus must therefore be more inwards while at Satsang (actual meditation practice and clearing doubts) while practice to achieve a steady posture can always take place during non-satsang and non-meditative hours.

    One question which many have asked me is why do awakened Masters still need to practice along with the student during Satsang? What is the need of the Master?
    Firstly it is not a need for the Master but for the student. It inspires the student to practice along with the Master and motivates him tremendously.

    And secondly the bliss and joy of effortless meditation which has now become the nature of the Masters state in IAMness is such that he enjoys being there. He worships his IAMness as that pure, blissful, joyous state where he melts and merges into it repeatedly- till the IAMness itself disappears revealing the SELF.

    I am also given to understand that few may even want to talk to me over phone before making a decision to meet me or coming for Satsang. I will prefer not to attend any calls during Saturdays at the time given exclusively for Satsang. I would be happy to receive calls personally for any queries or issues each day between 7.30 pm till 8.30 pm (India time) except Sundays and between 10.30 am till 12.30 am (India Time) every Sundays.

    I am also looking at how we can have an option of uploading videos of the Satsang as suggested by few here. Perhaps we could get that started too for those who can not make it here. Let’s see.

    From the Lotus Feet of Master Edji I offer my Pranaams to all.


  4. Rajiv, I too would like to see some recordings of these - however I think audio is probably better than video, it gives a bit more anonyimity to some seekers who may wish it and it also is quicker to download and it can be listened to in more situations. Regarding audio recording just a tip from satsangs i have attended - if you get anyone attending who has a question to speak into a portable recording device then it works really well.
    Finally thanks very much to you and Ed for the autobiography of a jnani - it was wonderfully inspiring.