23 July 2010

Haa, thank you for that last post on your blog.  It is charming.  I especially enjoy the picture of your cat on your head!  It's nice to see that although you are Realized the highest you have retained your playfulness and sense of humor.  I guess I may appreciate this more than other students because I am young and feel these things are close to my 'personality' as well. 

I still engage the world because there is the desire to explore this human experience, but 'I' or the real 'me' is seen as never moving and still!  Who do I have to thank for this? You!  How much peace and happiness this gives, despite being on the outer edge of it staring in!  I can only imagine when this desire settles down and the stillness and peace grows.  Who knows I may never realize the Self, but regardless I am a better 'person' because of your example!

I have become a vegetarian, and seen the suffering in animals because of You.  I better understand meditation because of You, which is the best skill I have learned in life yet!  I know of Robert Adams because of You!!  You have given me and all your students so much!  You have changed my life drastically for the better and I feel you deserve to know this even if it does bounce off your rock hard head :D 

Once again, and always, thank you for your continuing guidance and more than anything, simply being and sharing You!


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