22 July 2010

Dear Edji

There is a mix of peace/silence ( the mental movement is almost disappeared)
plus the deep knowing that I stand apart from everything..now I smile looking at the world.

I can stand under the rain, stop eating, eating a lot, showing love, crying...
everything is the same and I am untouched by all this.

All started a week ago...and It is my experience in every moment of the waking state.

I didn't do any meditation for a while but since a week I started again...
I am doing a couple of 20 min session a day. Meditation feels so natural now.

Master Ed..is there something else I should do?

thank you



Yes, continue the formal meditation as often as possible. Where you are you can easily lose "it." You hang onto it just by watching it often in formal meditation. It aids the non-formal meditating you are now doing all the time.

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