05 July 2010

When I have time in the weekends, I listen to Robert’s talks and fall a sleep. This to me is the most relaxing moments. I forget everything. I try to experience or BE the “gap” between waking and sleep as Robert mentioned. I would do this over and over.  Is this something you would advise?
During the weekdays, I try my best to abide in the I sense as clearly as possible and in the weekend I listen to Robert. This is all the practice I do. At work, during break, I try to read the Q&A in the blog site. This is tremendous help.
Being in this path makes all the sense compared to the world. Day and night I am pondering, wondering, and use everything that I know to get to nothingness. For me this is effortless. I LOVE IT. On the contrary, I feel I have to make an effort being around people. Is this how one feels when they are in this path?
I hope I am not wasting your time with my silly questions. I really don`t know who else to ask these questions.  
Thank you,
Yes, you are doing things precisely right. Just keep going. This is how being on the path feels when someone is doing the correct sort of practices for them, and they are sinking low into the deepest conscious roots of the self. 

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