27 July 2010

I want to thank everyone who has so generously donated. I can assure you that the animals in Los Angeles will benefit, both by direct receipt of food and medical care, but also supporting watchdog agencies whose purpose it protecting animals through legislation and public scrutiny.

Thank you all very much. This would have made Robert very happy.

Robert always told us not to get involved in the world, but whenever I did about animals, he blessed that involvement and said it was about time someone did something.


  1. To anyone who has been helped by Ed's websites, his comments in personal e-mails, or been inspired by him in any way to practice his suggested meditation: As a way of honoring his consistent commitment to seekers and animals, please consider making a consistent, ongoing donation each month in whatever amount you are able to afford, $1, $5 or whatever it may be. We have seen that it is difficult for him to repeat requests for donations, yet how much they are appreciated, so maybe if we each just individually decided what we can do, and did it, it would support our teacher in doing what he does in the world. Personally, I feel even if he never spoke or wrote another word, beyond what he has already so generously given, I have already received great benefit from his work. This to me is of great value and worthy of my ongoing support, and I am glad for a way to show my gratitude directly.

  2. Being with Edji has been the best thing on my path. So much is given without making any claims. All set to support the master, no amount of money can pay back what is given. It is a joy to make an offering, for it is not about money it is an expression of love and gratitude for his presence in my life

  3. I don't want anyone to feel pressure to contribute. It is not necessary but it is appreciated. When the spirit moves you, it does help.

    I have been astounded as to the outpouring though, more than I expected.

    If the pace continues, I'll me moved to start an LA Satsang rather than continue writing medical reports.

  4. true edji..Even the same with plantlife.Children should be made aware of the importance of trees, animals, and respecting other human beings equally irrespective of race, gender, social status and so on.In fact many elders need such lessons too..

  5. Ed.......

    Speaking for many of us who visit this site, it has been and will always be of the greatest benefit
    and we certainly feel a debt of gratitude.

  6. Yes consistent ongoing donation is a fantastic idea. Student can decide for himself with no pressure at all.
    Donating for the Gurus work is tradition. It was called Guru Dakshina. How much one contributes is not important but the thought behind it. Brilliant idea.

    Rajiv kapur