08 December 2019

How Childhood Lonliness and Depression Informed My Spiritual Destiny

Some have called this my most powerful Satsang ever,with great  openenss and vulnerability.  I speak of my almost suicidal loneliness as a child worsened  by a crushing fear of death and disaster after the sudden death of my father when I was 14.  These and other circumstances directed my spiritua lpath, each step similtaneously dealing with my human issues, as well as informing my spiritual eperiences, training, and understanding.

One need not be totally healed on an emotional level before benefitting  from spirituality, nor will spirituality heal depression and fear.  Both operate interdependently.

We becaome Buddhists or Advaitins when running away from emotioal disturbances embracing noself, emptiness, and nothingness, and we becomes Tantrics and humanists when we embrace them. But Tantra and energyspirituality more easily aids emotional maturation.


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