29 December 2019

Precision in the Application of Therapies and Spirituality

90% of spiritual seekers are searching and practicing mistakenly, to solve developmental failures and resolve trauma. Meditation, self-inquiry, devotion, and studying Nisargadatta will not resolve an additction, major depression, borderline or narcisistic problems, and most everyone has some.

Spirituality has to do with obserrving and understanding, as well as controlling consciousness, from the coming and goings of the waking, sleep, and dream states, as well as God realization, Christ consciousness, and emptiness as content of the waking state.  You learn everythonmg about consciousness, the states, impermanence, and how to stay in God consciousness or to consciously pass into Nothingness and the witness.

It not for emotional or behavioral problems embedded in the waking state and  tensions in the body. It is not for relational problems.  If your problem is alcoholism or severe depression, you need anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, individual and group psychotherapy, relaxation exercizes and therapies emphasizing freeing feeling in the body.

Two exception from this principle is that energy work, Shakti, Kundaleni, Tantra, and devotion can be used to access great energy and power that can assist in healing depression and even addictions.  Also, Tantrics use emotion to create energies and integrate them into the sense of presence by a process I call eating emotions.

video  link: https://youtu.be/F5NOIxxKaWE

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