21 April 2014


This video will be available a little after midnight.

Dark Energies, apparent external disturbing influences, are discussed as well as examples of releasing them. Death and fear of loss are behind much of dark energy experiences. 

We practice a meditation (Ramana's) on death, and talk about fear of loss preventing many people from loving and bonding. We mention Becker's concept of the Denial of Death as a universal phenomena, and that resurrection comes from unburdening oneself from lying, hiding, secrecy, and denial/repression of emotions and memories, which readies one for the radical opening of Self-Realization.

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  1. I have been in hell these last few months dealing with the horrors of being involved in War and with Edji, my Guru, we talked about death. Over this time I/we have uncovered the real hell of lying, hiding, secrecy, and denial/repression of emotions and memories that go along with it. The feeling of Terminating this body looked like an easy way out but Edji insisted that I stay and don't go through with it. He stayed with me every step of the way, through the locked doors, deeply buried memories until we walked right up to Death him/her self. Death crept up my legs and through every cell of this body to my head. I told him he can have this body as the true me is just watching this happen and that he has no power over me. He was my own creation that had grown strong with all the repression of Vietnam experiences. My Guru, you never let me down and I thank you from the Center of My Heart. You gave me your Heart and I give you mine. Today was a happy day as in total freedom I danced with the Devil. I'll accept that part of me....now!