11 April 2014

From someone who saw our Batgap interview:

Oh Hi Ed..... I don't even remember what I wrote  but just wanted to say something about how  your interview with Deeya on Batgap. The surprise to find out you were there as Security for Baba during the Santa Monica Intensive where I got massive shaktipat.

I followed Baba to India and never did make a "connection" with Gurumayi or Nityananda.  Left SYDA in 1999 with another unexpected and equally huge shift in my life (jnani path or "descent" after the mystical bhakti thing closed up entirely AND then DEEYA and you opened an entirely NEW unfolding...especially Deeya into the dimension of the Divine Mother aspect (just words I know, but what the hell.  

Deeya's website blew some door open to a whole different inner landscape that is unfolding since "connection" to the feminine aspect of God holds me in a stunning embrace that is neither Bhakti or Jnani.... No words for this unique knowing and the opening to divine beings inner and outer as a Reality expresses in infinite LOVE ...I'll be a monkey's uncle its so human and so divine at the same time NO BIG DEAL an a VERY BIG DEAL.   Thanks for letting me jabber ....just a lot of energy spouting off.  

Love to you both human and divine MY GOD  same/same


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