13 April 2014

Robert's Audio Talks; Note to Google and Blogger that claimed copyrights by Warner Blake and Infinity are false

Infinity claims everything about Robert Adams is copyrighted.

But Google/Blogger, that is a lie.

The only entity legally copyrighted is Robert's book, Silence of the Heart.

Infinity then copyrighted some of Robert transcriots when I posted them for free downloads to my website, http://itisnotreal.com.

Infinity/ Blake Warner downloaded the transcripts in the blocks I had posted, then sent them off to be copyrighted after I had followed Robert's instructions and posted them, many transcribed by me, for free on the Internet.

Now the audios are up again on the Internet.

These were never copyrighted at all.  Infinity/Blake Warner just claim they are.

Ask for any copyright documents and they cannot give you anything.

They do not sell individual satsang sessions, but compilations, thus there is no possible financial loss to Infinity.

They also claim all photos of Robert are copyrighted without supplying any proof.

Here is a link to Robert Adams videos:


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  1. Hi Ed
    Did you know that the infinity institue also has a version of the written transcripts online:

    But your name is not mentioned in the foreword.