06 April 2014

Message to me via email:

OK edji, let me be perfectly clear. the following is just the truth. You're teaching today was perfect, it could not be better. I'm not stroking your ego or blowing smoke up your ass.

To emphasize Love and ask people if they want to waste the next 20 years in some void or emptiness is profound, revolutionary, amazing.

And the joking, calling yourself 'borntoargue' or 'iamtoast', etc. is so funny, so fantastic.

Great work. Don't feel bad if only 35 come. Nisargadatta never had more than 15 at one time, so you're doing good!!! 

Tap directly into Chetanananda's juice and bring it back to us!

Jesus Christ dude, you fucking rocked today.


1 comment:

  1. Yup, what J.H. says about sat sang has been on this level for weeks now. At a recent sat sang I actually chipped my front tooth. Shakti works in mysterious ways. But I always come away from your sat sang enlivened and inspired. Edji, for me, you are the guru that I have been heading towards all my life. I finally feel 'at home' finding you and your Sangha. I am very fortunate indeed! JAI GURU