26 April 2014

A Comment on my method of Devitional Advaita:

Newton Nitro: I thank Edji for guiding me out of the dryness of the no-self, void states, the peaceful deadness of the void. It is pleasant, but, in my experience, it worked as a drug, a void-drug detaching me from life itself. It was a surprise to find the heart as a new dimension of expansion, full of mystery and color and chaos.
Instead of the "neti, neti", not this, not this, the "and this, and this" filled my life again. I am grateful for finding this way to balance my path, after many years lost in void states, it is like experiencing life all over again, with all its joys and horrors.
The void, the no-self, the absolute, whatever is always there, to balance the amazing and scary and chaotic energies of life itself, but any time I experience love, warts and all, in any form, it makes this experience called life worth a million times more than the deepest void states.

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