29 March 2010

Thank you very much for your response, Sir. It was very helpful.  Your sense of intuition and understanding of your students is uncanny. My experience is as you stated.  I am at the point where exploring perceptions within consciousness is of no more benefit.  They are just that, perceptions within consciousness, and I understand they have nothing to do with me.  It's time for me to go 'deeper', and this can only be done by joining the looker.

Microanyalsis as you call it, or the exploration of perceptions was very helpful, though.  In the process of probing around inner space for a grip on a sense of beingness perceptions are explored, which leads to the understanding that the mind has an almost orchestral method of creating a center, or 'me' within consciousness, and the eventual realization that beingness is the constant backdrop where perception takes place. 

As for concepts I will try to stick to my experiences, and only use them when I can find no other suitable words, especially bloated ones like 'I Am'.

Thank you again so very much for all your assistance and guidance, Sir.  It is of unimaginable help, and saves so much precious time.


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