16 March 2010

Dearest Ed,

Sunday evening in the last part of 'Autobiography of a Jnani' I read the following Rajiv' sentence (pag.137):

'There is nothing to do but rest and whatever happens is simply not my concern'.
 and in 'Hunting the I' You say: (pag 163):

'The I is the zero point of no movement and eternal rest. The apparent activity involved in abiding in that I, is really a resting, not a doing. It is discovering your nondoing, resting self.'

Inspired I tried in that moment and I entered a rest state:

It seems like a conscious sleep: there is peace and the body breath like in sleep, but there is awareness; it is easy and natural and I experienced it at times when I tried, in the past, to sleep consciously.

It is very peaceful and restful: there is no desire to do anythng, only to rest there for eternity. The body relaxes itself; there is generally silence, but thoughts can come but they not disturb and there is no interest in following them, if the attention follows them after a while it returns to resting peacefully.Sometime great joy comes out from the chest and the other parts of body. It is easy for me to contact this state and rest there: there is only desire to continue to rest there. Something of it remains during the day: like a part of me that continues to rest, a peace in background.

Is it Turiya? Would like to share any advice with me?

with deep gratitude,


Yes, this is Turiya. Abide there as often as you can. Sometimes effort may still be required in the future, as nothi9ng is constant in self-inquiry.


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