30 March 2010


Nisargadatta maharaj  said that by all means attend to your duties
i dont think i am doing my duties properly, i am afraid that i will fail in my exams this time here. 


Nisargadatta spoke approximately 500,000 words in twelve books. Do you suppose he gave exactly the same advice to all? Why do you latch onto that one paragraph?

What you are is entirely beyond the world. Pay no attention to the world. It is a dream, a hoax, it is not real.

Spirituality is about finding out what is immortal and entirely beyond the world.

You have to decide. Do you want to pass some examinations, or become immortal?



  1. Actually, it might be possible to do both, that is, for the "examinee" to commit himself/herself to at least some kind of ongoing meditative practice AND to enough studying for the exams. And in a "best case" kind of scenario, the relaxation brought about by the practice would result in better scores on the exams too.

  2. The question is deeper than this. He is asking either/or about spirituality or regular everyday life.

    But it is the regular everyday life that has to be renounced so to speak.

    Robert/Ramana/Nisargadatta spirituality means death to the ego of everyday worldy events and accomplishments. Therefore, you clearly state to the questioner, that this is a matter of life and death, not balancing spirituality with everyday life demands.