14 March 2010

Hello Ed,

Thank you for your perseverance with me.

Here are description of my experiences that  I think refer to the levels I have discerned so far, (referring to 17. Of the Gita).
1.       Chattering interpretation – Ramesh’s thinking mind
2.       Doing and planning – Ramesh’s Working mind - Mindfulness
3.       Observing action – Being in the zone e.g. where my body is jogging and it feels like jogging is happening and has nothing to do with me – I’m just there observing. Words from the observer can be present.
4.       Observing the words of the observer – wordlessly. Can happen with 3. above
5.       Observing the space in which the wordless observing happens . Only happens in meditation.
6.       5.  falls into nothingness. No awareness, no vision, not even the darkness. Sometimes with a jolt. (This is when the fear of oblivion happens and leads me to question whether losing the I am is desirable.) Only happens in meditation.

Can you advise me as to whether this appears to be the right approach and whether to continue in the same vein?

Thanks very much.



This is absolutely perfect!  Continue exactly the same way, but pay more attention to locating the observer. What is the observer? What is the experience of the observer?


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