08 March 2010

Hi Ed,

I've been into discovering my true nature for about 25 years now and

I think I've spent 25 years doing it all in my head.

I know all the techniques and all the philosophies but it's all just words really.

A couple of times when I was younger on hallucinogenics I tasted a separate reality and I've spent a lot of time longing to get back to those spaces of Joy. Knowing beyond my limited self.

Recently I've been checking out all the non duality stuff out there and love it.

All the Yoga , pranayama and kriya stuff I had dabbled with before seemed a bit effortish and always seemed to leave me feeling out of balance and spacey.Not good when you are a roofer! haha.

Basically I've been a bit lazy and favoured cogitating the truth rather than doing "the work".

I'm always aware that a silent sub stratum exists within me but I can't quite make it stay long enough.

I've always felt like I'm just on the cusp of "getting there"

I came across your website last week and I absolutely love it.

It's just fantastic. I feel a real connection with you and what you say.

I tried your meditation practice this morning of the hot head of thoughts and butter on head melting into the hara.

It was easy and great. I realize I spend most of my time floating in the head eye area which keeps the thought factory working over time.

I've really been asking the Infinite Intelligence to please come and get me recently because I feel so soul sick and trapped in all my theoretical knowledge.

I just want to Merge into the Real Deal.

Anyway, I just wanted to email you and say Thanks for all your help , pointers , tips and inspiration on the website.

The I Am stuff was becoming a bit of an intellectual exercise for me until I found your site

and now I've started feeling it.

Thank you very much,

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