20 March 2010


I am constantly watching now, Sir.  Sometimes I get involved and forget myself, but not very often anymore.  It all just happens and it happens to the 'I Am' not me.  The 'I Am' experiences the frustration, the 'I Am' experiences the pain, or happiness, but I just watch - nothing affects me. I am that steady thing in the background and I watch the unfolding of consciousness in front of me. 

It's odd. When I walk or move I get the feeling I'm not going anywhere.  The consciousness is changing to give the impression there is walking, but I am still, not moving, just watching from the place where I have always been.  Space doesn't feel as big anymore.  It almost feels like I'm inside of an enclosed room, but that room is so miraculous that it can morph and change to give the perception I'm standing outside under the stars, or at the foot of a mountain.  In truth, though, there is only that room, which is consciousness.  There is no mountain.  There are no stars.  And when the lights are off in the room, I don't know it's there, I don't even know I am there! 

Anyways, that's all for now! Hope all is well with you!



Very, very good. Not many have this kind of positive experience. This is pure grace. Your experience is very deep and will continuously change and mature over time.


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