01 April 2010

Greetings Ed,

Witnessing my entire world shift, shake and roll!  For all the spiritual work I had done in
the past and how "far along" I imagined myself to be...this practice has gently revealed
that I was hiding beneath it all.  All has gotten so much simpler and quieter.   The practice
invites me in and presents my moment-by-moment syllabus.

My question, does one use Self Inquiry for the dream space?  I have been awoken this
week by two dreams where I have been deep in reaction. Jealousy and anger to the
extreme. I practiced self inquiry, because it works to Still the noise and to settle into
that space of Silence.

I am enjoying observing how all my relationships have gotten sweeter!  All of my stories
about the "other" person seem to be fading away and now there is just space.

Deepest thanks and gratitude.  You are truly a Gift.


I remember when I was practicing sincerely, I also practiced in my dreams if this was what you are asking. 

Intensity of effort and intent work miracles. Many issues can be exposed, but none of these issues touches the subject.


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