17 April 2010


Dear dear Ed,

I’m a rooky as you know and it’s only after reading the messages of long time seekers that I feel the importance of your work. I am blessed that I found you after only a few months of “interest” in knowing if I am anything. Despite the glitz, the monthly videos, the live meditations etc etc,  I have abandoned all sites and any reading, only the two sources you advise................and you know what? I feel great, I am not searching anymore, you have told me everything I need to know. No more words, insights, videos, live meditations , chat boards, wisdom etc can add anything to what I have already been told by you.................thats a relief. I have received the guidance and pointers and now it’s up to me. I feel blessed that you told me ( us) the truth, the true journey, the journey which everyone has to make alone, there are signposts, and you have spent a lot of time and effort helping people negotiate those crossroads. I only hope that when ( if) the time comes you will also be there for me, to help me weave my path. Ed, what you have given me is priceless: I don’t need to fill my head with anymore spiritual crap because the truth is within me, I am it, all I have to do is unlock it, I have to un-learn, I have to create the space to let my true nature emerge. So after all that , one question: I live in an incredibly noisy place, the booms and bangs bring me back from meditation. Should I be able to maintain during this commotion or should i move house......................sorry for the beginners question

Thank you Ed



 Yes, seek a quieter place.

I will always be there for you.

I am glad you are doing well and have come "home."


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