02 April 2010

Hi Ed,

We left off with me working at being the unknowable witness. Practicing such has lead to the on and off disappearance of the individual self. The world is still there so I’ve been working of receding away from it at times, and becoming it at others. Is that good? I’ve experienced enough of being totally and completely gone and free that I’m very keen to know who I am. I believe you’ve said the highest truth rests in the knowledge that one is? Is there is practice technique to expedite matters?



There is not enough info here for me to understand what your practice is or what your request is.

Are you practicing being a witness? What does that mean?

You practice being the world then receding from the world? What does that mean?

You still have to work on articulating your experiences better.

Can you locate the I Am feeling?

If so, can you realize YOU are watching the I AM?

If so, then you can look at the watcher, and you can "back" into the watcher.



I can locate the I Am feeling and realize I am watching it. That watcher feels like absence. I can become that watcher and I disappear as an individual. Then I feel like I’m gone but the world is still here.

I will work on articulating my experiences. I feel really good though, and feel I can really understand and follow your teachings.

Thank you!!


When you truly realize you do not exist as opposed to having sporatic experiences of not existing, then the world will cease to exist also.
I first had experiences of not existing in 1970 or 71, sometimes for hours at a time every day. But the world always returned and I always returned. It wasn’t until 25 years later in 1995 that the full impact of those cumulative experiences over the years finally took Ed away.

I did not exist!

When I saw I did not exist, I knew the world could not exist either because it depended on me seeing it.

Shazam! Neither I nor the world existed. Only space with no division filled with imaginary, conceptual objects. Only space with nothing in it that is real.

But this is only the beginning of the awakening sequence. There is much more.

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