21 April 2010


Hi Ed!

How are you? I feel like I would like to share with you recent events.

Ive reached a point, where I now observe even myself and see that 'Riaan' with all his searching, fears, etc is also one with thoughts and any other perceivable. There is alot of silence and I am simply observing. I know that there is nothing to achieve, so its more a matter of 'lets look and see what is already right here' without any sort of expectation (i observe that expectation rising).

Also something I feel very important to mention, a deep sense of trust has arisen in this "I" (or atleast what is 'observing'). I find myself reverting back to 'it' and abiding in 'it'. I dont even read anymore, and its like I know fully that this I is all I need to abide in/listen to/trust.

This is more like a conviction or intuitive knowing than a belief. Its like I feel I dont even need to really share this with you, though in a sense I would still appreciate
any opinions you might have!

Anyways, thanks for your time =)



No need to share at all, though I am glad you did. You already understand the full benefit of this approach. Yo are doing exceedingly well.


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