17 April 2010

TO ME. I had given initial meditation instruction and told him to practice for 2-3 weeks and then write back his experience:

I could not wait 2-3 weeks as you asked to write again. Couldn't. 

So much of the time now I can hardly stand the ecstasy that I am being
lived by. Tears crashing down as the Swoon of Ecstatic Adoration of
all things, each and every thing, each and every one, as my Beloved,
is my experience so much of the time now and now and now and now. Any
thing and every thing sets it off from remembering my sweetie mini min
pin DoggieBoo and facing the knowledge that she and I will die and
vanish forever from one another's sight, to discovering an unexpected
swath of gorgeous green grass jutting out from a field blanketed with
snow, to beholding a magnificent private jet lifting off and
retracting its landing gear as it returns my embrace, to a parade of
images of your and Robert's and Nisargadatta's and Ramana's faces that
appeared before me last night as I lay down and could not sleep.

By grace and with this Heart's Remembrance as my inspiration I must
and I will continue diving deep into the Source of all that is and
abide there as my Self, the Self of all. The real and true sum and
substance of all the forms I now hold dear as my very own...

David (#2)

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