19 April 2010



I know you have already said this. But now I discovered it by my own direct experience.

One can get all the most deep spiritual experiences – I am thinking of many friends of mine. But if he/she doesn’t dissolve the feeling ‘I Am’, after those sparkling experiences, he/she will just return to be an ordinary human being!

The unique thing which prevents us to see we are the Absolute is this stupid feeling ‘I Am’. I often, while contemplating the ‘I Am’, I see contemporarally and clearly, I am the Absolute.

It is interesting the fact that Langford is not sure his ego is ended definitively and suggests keeping on with practice until the body dies. Why have you not this doubt?

It is such a stupidity this matter of ‘I Am’, but it seems it is the difference which makes the difference.

I am very exited. I see all the cases of people who have practiced intensely without results. It is incredible... just for that stupid impression of ‘I Am’. Well, I stop now.



With the AWA method, the ego may never die because he focuses on the toitality of consciousness, the background, while I emphasize focusing on the foreground, the sense of I Am. Until that is gone, any silence state, samadhi, or oneness state is temporary. The foreground has to be dissipated. He is rightfully doubting that his I Am is gone. However, even when gone, it still pays to sit in totaly silence in formal meditation as often as possible, because maturation of the awakening process goes on for years and it is best matured in silence.


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  1. If Langford suggests keeping on with practice until the body dies then his ego hasnt died yet. The totality of Consciousness or IAMness itself is a non-entity even though it is available as long as you seem to have a body. You dont need to experience clinical death to kill the ego. True liberation is experiencing death while in waking state.
    What Master says here is so important that nearly all the present Gurus completely miss this by a far way.