14 April 2010

I discovered your site http://itisnotreal.com last month and
immediately knew my search of many years for precise, authentic,
detailed, information on the practice of profoundly effective
Self-Inquiry and "description" of Self-Abidance had ended. In the past
few weeks since then I have devoured your materials much of the time
with tears of deep appreciation. You can have no idea how long I have
wanted this material and how many dead ends I have pursued only to
wind up in frustration, even exasperation.
On this, the 60th anniversary of Ramana's death, I have presumed
relationship and have felt moved to make my first contact with you to
express my awe and wonder at the extreme value and rarity of the
information you have made freely available. Already I am putting it to
good use in my life with renewed and redoubled inspiration. To write
"I thank you, Ed" does not come close. Only my Heart's Shout with
Grace and Mercy in Its Wild Hair expresses it.
I have come to be instructed in the finest strokes of Self-Inquiry and
Self-Abidance and you seem to have left no stone unturned in your
treatment of these. Daily I closely study your writings digesting bit
by bit and "experienting" or experimenting with experience. I have
procured all of the important books you have recommended but this is
no "head game" for me so I curb any impulse to dive into the pile and
read six things at once. I focus only on your blog posts,
Autobiography of a Jnani, and a few of your other key instructional
web pages.
A bit of personal info. -- I am a healthy male, 57, unattached, no
kids, lifelong cat lover and now little min pin/chihuahua mix dog
aficionado. I am living in XXXXXXXX for over seven years now.
Originally from near ZZZZZZ, YYYYY, I have lived in
Southern California twice. Just to say, Ed, if it became possible I
would value nothing more highly than to maximize personal interaction
with you and to sit in your physical company on a frequent basis not
unlike your years of sitting often with Robert.
Somehow I KNEW, perhaps as a response to my sincerity and unwavering
desire that I MUST, someday, find this information, personal guidance
and inspiration. My prior conclusions, intuitions, and glimmerings
over many years have, at long last, been validated over the past few
weeks and I just cannot express how that feels.
Never have I felt as I do now that I finally have a source I can honor
and trust to guide and inspire my practice with precision as you did
for Rajiv. I invite you to write, Ed, if you feel moved to do so. It
would be great to cultivate a friendship and teacher-student
relationship if you are willing.
Yours in grace and ease,


Sure David, glad to oblige.

Since you are familiar with my work, hopefully you have read Autobiography of a Jnani, and the Hunting the I section on practicing self-inquiry.

I then always advise people to download the Nisargadatta Gita, print it out, and read it every morning followed by meditating on the contents. At this point, the ONLY OTHER BOOK TO READ IS Path of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Volume I, chapters 7 and 8.
That’s it. No more book reading. Narrow down and focus on these.

After 2-3 weeks, write me about your results.

What you write will tell me a lot about where you have been, where you are now, and how to proceed.


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