16 April 2010

Sent to me by my friend David. This is an excellent observation on the student/guru relationship. 

"The great ones do not charge. People are free to give what they will, but it is not a precondition."

Yes, people need to understand this.  Enlightenment is not for sale, and anyone who suggests otherwise by charging money for satsang is just as deluded as the people who hand that individual their credit cards.  The difference between a guru and a for-profit teacher is like the difference between a faithful spouse and a paid escort.  Both may look the same on the outside and may even say the same things, but only one speaks with sincerity, from the heart. 

When a true satguru gives satsang, much more is being transmitted than words.  A powerful exchange of energy, which may or may not be perceived by the devotee, is taking place on at a subtle level.  Just remaining in the presence of such an individual is far more effective than self-inquiry or any other technique.

Reading mass market spiritual books and jetting off to expensive weekend retreats in Maui is very good entertainment for the ego.  For those who want to waste a lot of time and money, I highly recommend these things.



  1. LOL, 'ol Eckhart really flying "high" these days! It certainly doesn't take a "Tolle" off his economic well being, does it?

  2. When i first encountered " spiritualism" ( whatever that means?) I read and joined Tolle's books and website. I wrote to Ed some months ago that it didn't feel right. I un-subscribed to the site some 3 months ago but since the subscription allows 3 months grace ( not the spiritual type) I was able to still log on and see the videos that he has made since I left. I watched un-moved, I watched a guy pimping me enlightenment...............hollow words, empty messages, a 360 degree convoluted scam designed to make you keep paying your monthly subscription. This guy has maybe had an experience similar to Ed's first awakening, but thats it! He has not gone further, he does not have 1% of Ed's depth or teaching skills.................all flowers and poetry, BS. Ed tells it like it is, this Tolle guy is a lightweight who woke up one morning and felt at one with everything. We all know through Ed that, that is the first baby step on the journey.

  3. I believe that Eckhart has gone so far as to concede that even he is not enlightened. It's well known that he had this awakening "experience" in the midst of his "dark night of the soul", subsequently was homeless for a couple years then lived quite modestly prior to coming to the U.S. and Canada. But along the way, he somehow attracted someone in the "Awakening Biz" who believed enough in him to aggressivly promote his marketing campaign which nobody can deny has been nothing short of a miracle(where success by $$$ is concerned).