24 April 2010


Dear Master,

I need to clear a doubt.

By abiding in Silence do I run the risk you mention about AWA?

“With the AWA method, the ego may never die because he focuses on the totality of consciousness, the background, while emphasize focusing on the foreground, the sense of I Am. Until that is gone, any silence state, samadhi, or oneness state is temporary. The foreground has to be dissipated.”

Yes you do because the work on the I Am is never done. You identify with the witness, yet the personal and the core of consciousness remain  untouched

In meditation I can evoke Silence at will, just two seconds. It is Silence, not a boring empty mind. Therefore, abiding in Silence is very easy for me and I love it. Silence gradually deletes every concept, everything, and sometime an idea rises within me, ‘I am this Silence.’ I often feel it is like a death, for ego I suppose.

As an alternative, I can look for the ultimate witness. But this is not easy for me, because I perceive an ultimate witness that implies a contradiction in embryo: another witness is watching the so called ultimate witness. Then I don’t know what to do.

Turn your visual sense inward onto the looker. Then don't think one is relative and the other absolute.  Don't attach labels. But this is te hard way. If you dwell on the I Am, the foreground, eventually the mind becomes crystal clear and you become the background.

Please, is correct I go on abiding in Silence? Do I run the risk you mention about AWA practice?

Should I look for the ultimate witness? If I do, how can I go beyond the phenomenon of an ultimate witness appearing as an object?

Again, you make the witness an object. 

You look for the subject as an object. Turn the visual sense upon itself without interpreting as subject or object. Again, this is the hard way. the easy way is to feel the energy of I Am, I, Me.

Yes, silence before awakening is a deadly trap for many. 

You need to understand the mind is a marvelous thing. It has a thousand faces: emptiness, the void, bliss, samadhi, everyday waking mind, sleep, dream, Turiya, the world, subject, object, oneness, many.  All are you, so you have to explore like hunter--a mind phenomena hunter attempting to know all the faces of God and mind.

Then awakening comes when you least expect it. All boundaries and concepts disappear, instantly, totally.

At this point many stop practice and gradually the old ways and mind divisions return. So practice is necessary for a long while.

Then, at some point you realize that even this vast oneness, silence, unity consciousness, is itself also false, a fraud, and then you are free of the whole thing.

But do not stop at just one station--silence. Keep moving, exploring until awakening takes you.

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  1. I've started having really mind peircing high pitched buzzing in my ears, like electricity when I meditate..........it oscillates. Even though it's all pervading I feel instictively that it is the background silence to everything.....it feels like complete emptiness, yet also complete fullness at the same time.