12 February 2010


Hi Ed,

I had another look this morning.  When I am sitting I lose all awareness of my surrounds.  There are not thoughts in the mind.  There are no images.  However, there is the tactile sensation of  vastness.  I attempt to not attend to body sensations.  I notice that attempting is effort and I wonder who is making the effort.  I attempt to locate this pure ‘looker’ by negating these sensory impressions.  I notice if I put my attention in the heart area there is no physical sensation that can distract me or perceive which induces a void sensation.  I am still aware however of ‘looker.’ 

Upon reflection, because I am aware of a void sensation, I am not that. So who am I?  So, I guess this is all nothing. 

Your words Ed are very powerful to me.  I read your stuff on your site and I find myself falling into this ‘dissociated’ state just reading them.  The resonance of the way you communicate induces shift or development or whatever you like to call it. I’m in it now as I write but I am also very aware of all the minute sensations appearing and disappearing in the body.  I’m in this state most of the day and I don’t really care about anything at all.  Look forward to hearing from you.



Very, very good P., very good!

You are aware that there is a looker. You are aware of the Void. You are aware of a sense of I Am. Which is really you?

This is your job right now, finding which, if any of them, is the real subject, the YOU, or whether they are all objects.

Thus you have to be aware of each, sink into each and see what happens.

Good going.


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