02 February 2010

Beloved Ed, my very own True Self,

It's incomprehensible that there could be 'more' of 'This' ... I am intoxicated in drunken Divine Union. I cannot contain my Self! Yet I am Thirsting for more ... All self consciousness is gone. And I explode!

This Heart is bursting, ripping, pierced - over and over - as if by the spear of the Angelic. Tears of Joy spurt forth as an Infinite fountain.

A 'voice' spontaneously arose from the thoughtless, timeless Silence ... "I Am Christ Consciousness Immanent, I Am Christ Consciousness Transcendent."

I am Abducted by Rapture. Such Glory! Exquisite, indescribable Beauty. And yet Peace, Perfect Peace.

The body is tireless, always 'Awake,' yet incapacitated at present. It needs nothing, but drinks deeply in the Eternal timeless 'now.' This cup has burst and is overflowing with your Grace and that of the Illumined Ones.

In the appearance, 'before' it began to 'empty' out so utterly ... 'before' falling into the endless depths of a despair which seemed to last for eons ... Krishna appeared to say it would come to pass that it would be purged to the very last drop and then, it would not only be filled to capacity, but would be overflowing. I gush in the Ocean of Splendour!

Just as One can only imagine a woman does, when handed her baby for the very first time - there's an immediate 'forgetting' of all the pain and fear of the 'process' as she is Enraptured in Union with the Purest, Sweetest, most Tender Love and Innocence of her newborn infant that is Christ Himself ...

Deep breath ...

Yes, Robert certainly does work in wonderous and mysterious ways! It 'appears' I took a 'walk' with He and Dimitri a while back (during this 'emptying out') 'though there's no recall of any words.

You and Ramana were 'there' just 'before' the 'final' letting go. So there arose absolute certainty that it was 'safe' to do so.

There is such a 'pull' to share this 'wine,' this Light, with those appearing to be in 'darkness.'

Ed, I am suspended in a Love and Trust that has no end. I Bow in Reverence through all Eternity (and beyond!),

In Devotion and Surrender,


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