08 February 2010

Dearest Ed,

Thank You very much (and thank to Rajiv very much) for Autobiography of a Jnani: it is very inspiring.

During morning sitting there was sinking inward, in the background, towards the ultimate witness, towards I, beyond perception:
initially there was a movement of attention, a deep sinking in oneself, but there was like a subtle search, not total contentment; it was as if the body was in sleep but I was aware;  at a certain point joy-bliss began to well up strongly and this disturbed the deep sinking, then the bliss went away and then the process of sinking began again; this again and again.

At a certain point a sudden change, there was no search, no sinking, no effort, 'a state' in which there is deep silence, peace, thoughts randomly in surface (or no thoughts), contentment, and joy-bliss came out again, without disturbing anymore. The thoughts come: the joy and peace of the Self.
I rest in Myself.

Bowing to You and to Absolute,
with love,

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