06 February 2010

Dearest Ed,

Thank You very much!

During this morning sitting, doing nothing, gradually a 'state' began to settle: there is no right, left, up or down, not inner or outer, so spacious and totally open, spontaneous, easy, natural, nothing to do or accomplish; everything is contaneid in it and everything can manifest without disturbing or alterating it; no I or other, indescrivible, totally without concept; thoughts and energy movements, insights arises in it and vanish without leaving trace, nothing remains like wind in the spacious sky, totally unconcerned, so restful, without agenda, nothing to realize...wonderful...

It is clear that I am even beyond this 'state' because it begins and ends but I am That which knows it begins and ends.

This 'state' is so natural and restful that the thought came it is Turiya.

Is it necessary to stabilize oneself in this 'state' to stabilize beyond it?

What do You think?

With gratitude and love,



Stay where you are. Your awakening is unfolding just as it should.


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