06 February 2010


Master meditation is no more tedious but beautiful now. Meditation time is BEST time of my life. Twice daily meditations happen ON its own. There is nothing to do at all. I have lost describing what meditation is. There is nothing to say Master.

The resting state is gaining prominence over "happenings" or experiences. Since two days during morning meditation I sometimes get engulfed in sparkling light like a clear milky sky. It is most beautiful. But what I am is beyond all that phenomenons. The sinking takes place when thoughts are caught hold off through keen observation but I am beyond all that too. I play around many times and that is why it is such a wonderful thing to meditate. When nothing takes place I simply rest. There is nothing that matters (thoughts or experiences or need of both) except that I am that restful sleepy yet aware entity. Time just passes on its own. It is silly to even want to experience anything rather just lower the gaze and rest. There are times the bliss is torrential but there are times when nothing actually happens yet the calmness,the peace of the inner sleepy Self is ALWAYS there inspite of the mind,consciousness playing its own game at the outside. It is almost like two things taking place at the same time and I the background prominent Self has nothing to interfere with the goings outside. They subside on their own after they have done their bit of dancing around but I am always there blissful as always choosing to watch them or completely ignore them. My will is only one thing which is lower the gaze and settle there. The feelings of bliss are almost like waves settling in the ocean. No one knows how they arise and fall and I dont know or anticipate what form the waves will take.


There is a huge change in perspective. I am moving carefree. Honestly thoughts are more since a few days ever since the autobiography was put on the internet but really I  do little of what the thoughts want to engage in. Its like the understanding that nothing of this actually matters yet the mind/body engages almost like auto pilot. The intelligence does all and I have no will in that. Its all a movie show  and I can choose to watch it or sleep over it. Its best that consciousness does what it wants to do through my body/mind. My natural auto pilot system is taking things seriously where as I know nothing of this has any significance. I smile most of the time these days. It is almost like the real ME is trapped within the workings of the body/mind. I try and not use my will to change the ways of body/mind and rather just take things as they are. But Sometimes I do use my will and change things . But all of this is fun because finally nothing matters  yet if we can contribute positively in any way and if that requires using will to do so than why not?

I have very little to say about what and why things happens during waking state yet when I look up I have actually written a lot in words :-). Maybe I am cracking up a bit inspite of all the celebrations within hahahhaha....

Many Pranams,


Absolutely Perfect!!!

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