20 February 2010

Dear Ed,

State of absence is really really confortable and natural. Nothing extraordinary or fancy though: no big lights, no seeing of gods, no divine bliss, no kundalini energy shaking the body... but a sense of clear repose, deep contentment, silence, less involvement, unknown certainty... Indeed it is not the absolute not-knowing but still already basic happyness is flowing, one feels like positively practicing, at last.

It is indeed pretty simple but at the same time so different from ordinary confusion of consciousness and mind does not want to give up so easily. 

I just stay there abiding into the spiritual center that seems most natural in the moment, in parallel dropping the mind, letting go of ego construct, relaxing solidity,  becoming transparent, becoming no-one, practicing a lot with joyful dedication.

I continue to deepen understanding and absorbtion but being content with what is now.

I can not thanks enough for your precious clarifications Ed! Somehow I always knew what to do, but in my vast stupidity I need Teachers to clear my billion doubts.
Now I learn to follow my inner intuition that is always going to guide me on the most effective and natural path I am sure...



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