12 February 2010

I then asked the previous poster, J. some checking questions, to see if he had indeed attained Turiya and gone beyond to the ultimate witness state, Turiyatta as had Raviv.
He answered all correctly. He was not the void because he knew the void, and all appearances and consciousnesses came and went and he observed them as if they were different channels on a TV. He knew of his ultimate existence by inference.
This is perfect. He stated:

I cannot be the void, since I know the void, I observe the comings and goings of consciousness in the same way that I can watch a movie, and change the channel. Same feeling of observing, yet different scenery. I appreciate your warning, many times over the two years that we have corresponded, I saw this yet, what I did not see was that I was not Turiya, but the witness of Turiya. My real state can only be known by process of deduction. Its clear I am not the body, not the world, not even the awareness (turiya) because I am aware of the awareness. 

You say that I have gone as far as my own efforts can carry me, which of course makes me wonder, is there a deeper level? I as the witness have observed the body in deep meditation literally disolve, heart stops, breath stops, nothing but cloudlike, indescribable bliss ensues, yet that is not even a constant, however, despite the indescribable bliss.... that made this apparent world seem even more phony! Seeing these many states of consciousness come and go, including Turiya, what could I be but the witness of all things observable? When consciousness is being observed beyond the comprehension of human senses, how can I go deeper? It seems that my true being just is and is the basis of Neti Neti. I have no intention of kissing ass, but with the deepest respect, you are a guru of the highest order. There are many flavors of nonduality today (talk about an oxymoron) but most convince you that you are the I AM or Turiya, I disagree since what I really really am observes the passing of even Turiya....Or am I imagining things?

Deepest Respect for your continued tuteledge and dedication to truth


No, you have answered all the questions correctly. You fully understand and have gone beyond Turiya. I had to ask the questions to check first.

So few are willing or able to go beyond oneness of Consciousness. They do not ask what happens to the oneness when the body dies. It never pops into their heads to question whether the world continues to be observed through the five sense when the body dies.

What I mean is that your awakening is still an unfolding event. It will continue to deepen.


Deepest Love,


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