01 February 2010

Hi Ed,

Thank you for the great book.  Well told except to understand most of it you have to have already traveled the road as you so clearly stated.  I thought you did an excellent job of direction. 

I’m glad you brought up your different point of view about reincarnation. I wish you would reveal more about this as I vacillate back and forth between a view like yours and Robert's.

My experience says you are correct but my intuition says my understanding is limited.
Although this concept is also running out of steam, falling into the whatever it will be will be fine view, and I had a lot of steam!!

"The stillness and silence during dhyaan tells me, "I am wordless
and effortless, take refuge here." There is no observer or observed,
no witnesser or witnessing, no object, no mind and no time only
this RESTFUL JOY which is beyond all and everything."   

Beautifully said, sounds like Jean Klein.

Best part for me was your photo at the end.   So beautiful, very powerful. It was just like looking at Ramana Maharshi's photographs, there was clear recognition  before the mind moved. Compassion incarnate, a beacon of light, the Buddha.

Lots of love and thank you!!!


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