21 January 2012

There is a terrible illness of dispassion and greed in China.  Zen Master Seung Sahn said it was no longer a case of bringing Zen to the West, but of returning Zen to its roots in China.  There is a spiritual illness there.

The Voice of Stray Dogs

Photo of the day on The Voice of Stray Dogs: 1137 dogs rescued from ONE truck destined for slaughter for the Chinese New Year in Chongqing.
 — withJo-Andra de Cuba.


  1. what a happy new years message!

    master seung sahn is right.

    the envisioned or planned super materialism over there is very destructive to the people, animals and the planet. it totally blinds the masses of people, esp their emotional feeling center and most of all blocks people from accessing their inner intelligence in the heart.

    i heard people from there saying that the level of stress for survival is even much higher and more intense then in the us...

    didn t the communists in china say that religion is the opium of the people? Well in nowadays, if they d be honest they would have to say: Materialism is an even better opium for the people (that we the leaders use and give the masses to stay in control)

    the prophecies of the tibetan people spoke of the very materialistic and spiritually dark minded chinese invaders and of the following very spiritually dark following era.

    one master once said that we as humans have to go through the darkest darkness in order to get into the light collectively - the golden age - the age of G O D.

  2. This illness is worldwide. Humanity is facing a crisis of value. The ego of man has subjugated the intrinsic value of life with materialism and blind ignorance, and is threatening to destroy humanity and perhaps all of life on Earth.

    Instead of valuing, perserving and promoting life, we rape life and the Earth for whatsoever feeds our material and greedy desires, all the while ignoring the glaring social, political, and environmental problems which have no direct benefit to us, yet are most important to our existence.

    Either we get our act together and rise up against this subversive movement of egoism, or we watch the beautiful vehicle of man, whom facilitates Self-Realization (the highest good), follow a path of subjugation, and quite possibly self-destruction.

  3. My brother's ex-wife is Chinese and I remember attempting to start a spiritual conversation with her, in ANY form. God, Buddha, anything. There was a kind of disgust on her face to even suggest there was something deeper.
    They've grown shallow, soul-less.
    Say what you want about religion. When it's totally absent, well, look at China.

  4. Thank you for this post....I just set monthly donations with an asian dog protection group, figuring they can use all the help they can get. So sad to see that a once sophisticated culture has become so primitive and base.