21 January 2012

Message to me:

Hi Ed,

Water flowing through water, as said Mooji, consciousness flowing through consciousness.

In place of my body there is emptiness, and when someone comes close, or something, I become it.

If I walk along the river, in Bangkok, while on the solid ground, my all inside is moving like if I was on a boat on that agitated river. My stomach wants to throw up, my body looses balance, my heart feels ecstatic.

When I walk on a bridge my all body is sucked down like if I was falling.

If a person comes close to me I start to talk with the same accent as that person, and I feel as if her presence/field takes over the empty space of my body.

When I sit to meditate on the beach, my head becomes filled with the water, I feel I am sitting at the bottom of the sea. So beautiful, so dreamlike.

Ed, what a wonder world you brought me in ! 

Several days before the big realization, exactly 1 year after I started to follow you, you worked on me so much, I would see your face leaving my head several times a day, especially on waking up from nap/sleep.
Without you nothing would have been possible !

And without your teaching of loving every expression of consciousness I would be still lost in the emptiness, not willing to interact anymore with this stupid world.

How lucky I met you, the most complete freedom Teatcher !
And no need to go and catch a parasite in India ! What a saving in flight tickets :)

BUT please, don't stop with me now, I feel I have so much way to go ahead, and it might take the next 20 years or so !

I'd add that a way to love you is to support your help to your helpless kittens, and I think that generosity is a door to open in our heart, through where consciousness can flow in.

What else to say, why even taking time to right this message ?

May be for your love, for your grace Edward. 

The show must go on !

Muzika ! Muzika ! Bhajans ! Bhajans ! Freeeedom !!


  1. True. Edji, without you it would not have happened. no matter how much I cried, no matter what! The seeking circus would still be full on. The moment I came to you, first time ever in 36 years it felt that Truth is inevitable. took only 9 months...gestation time and you birthed me.
    Words do convey something but not quite the heart connection that is felt with you...

  2. wow. so THAT'S what a real student looks like. there's no way this person is american. they're way too sincere, way too pure.

    i'm hoping in three or four lifetimes to send you a message like this edji.

  3. Hi John,
    If you are talking about me, the post with the river in Bangkok, then I want to tell you that I put this quest in priority in my life.
    I listened to Edji guided meditation for hours everyday. 3 or 4 sessions of 1 or 1 and half hour each.
    It is clear to me that this life is not logical, not just, not fair, so I was motivated to look for something else, more real.
    I "work" on my generosity since many years, and it is one quality, one door to open the heart.
    But for sure, if you are dedicated and TRUST Edji, then you won't need many lifetimes, you are that NOW, you just have to let go the concepts you are attached to. Let go the clouds in the sky, they are just passing, you don't need to attach to them, you are the sky, free from everything. And what a pleasure when you know that from your heart !
    Just reading Edji's website, with all his experiences, his knowledge was enough to hook me up. Truth is evident in his writing !
    You can understand he was a master mind, a very knowledgeable being, he has a PHD ! So I was convinced by reading him.
    And his email exchange with Rajiv !! Autobiography of a Jnani !!! Have you read it ? Nowhere in libraries you can read such details about meditation experiences, nowhere you'll ever find such guidance to the absolute "state".
    If you are not hooked by Edji's book, then you need more homework than I needed :))
    Edji's texts talk for themselves, it's crystal clear truth.
    I could go on and on about the luck I had to find Edji ... if there is any luck in this world !
    What else to say ?
    Take your chance, Edji can bring you to recognize your real nature, but John will have to stay outside, as the Sage said, no human being as ever penetrated there, nor will ever penetrate there. You have to drop your skin named John, and go as your core being, the Me.
    Edji's methods are wide and wise. Combine them and it's the freeway to a new perception of this world, a much more happiest one. And you won't need years or lifetimes, samadis might come just after a few days or weeks, as it happened with me. I had never done any meditation in the previous 40 years of this life. Right after a few days I had seen the all picture ... the effortless and choiceless awareness "coming" in the projection room to have fun in this "world". Then it takes practice and practice to go deeper inside, and to visit the mansion as Edji says, because there is so many rooms ! But always keep you attention in the core of your being, wondering who I am, who is experiencing all these amazing displays !?!
    If you think the nationality is important, I'd say you are wrong, it's just a concept, in a country you can't find 2 people 100% the same, so putting them all in a box is erroneous in my humble opinion ! But I confess that I grew up in France, but I am living since 10 years in Asia, and I run away from any western tourist/being, because they are too full of ugly concepts, their minds are full of horrible and unnecessary shit, it's a pain to talk to any of them, my mother included ! How chained they are by all these build-up opinions about everything, about all what they can't change anyway. But still they know nothing about themselves, their true nature. What a wasteful culture !!
    And by the way, Robert Adams and Edward Muzika were US citizens, so don't worry if you are from US too, you got your chance, TAKE IT NOW !

  4. When my mind breaks apart the chains of distractions Everything becomes samadhi, total absorbtion. You can tune into your desired moment, to anything you can see and also anything you can imagine. This is nice until the egg of awareness cracks wide open, the eye shining on all the misery of the world. Suffering. Absorbed in suffering. Freedom is beyond the mind and this world.

  5. well, thank you.
    i KNEW you weren't american! hahaha
    all i can say is you have much more hunger or 'earnestness', as nisargadatta called it, than i do.
    i admire your passion and return to my original comment. to me you are what a real student looks like.

    just look at your comment to me. so much 'juice', so much clarity, so much power.

    i bow to you.

  6. John,

    And to me you are just as perfect as any other student. I can't resist reflecting on the fact of how much I see myself in you - feeling admiration for others, seeing their passion, juice, clarity, power, etc. A lover really, how you love with each and every one of your positive coments.

    Thank you,
    Janet B.

  7. wow, that's beautiful janet.
    thank you. i've always felt a comradery with you, joan, the other janet and even that sarcastic kiwi ricky!

    who knows how many lives we've moved as a group...