24 January 2012

I posted the following in a group on Facebook called Enlightenment Now, which tends to have some very "stressed" people.  I did it as a joke:

My post:

Are you burning up from love for your guru? Try Preparation H, thinly spread over the affected areas, every 12 hours.

A lot of people laughed, including AysheGul, but look at the thread it started:

Top of Form
AysheGul Ashki Kaan An-Nur i am burning, burning, burning up with this love of my beloved beloved guruji, my sheikh, my all-in-all, whom i love so very much, for whom i can give my life without hesitation...this great love... i won't change this.

Himanshu JM i think we need to call the fire brigade for youAysheGul Ashki Kaan An-Nur :)

AysheGul Ashki Kaan An-Nur no no don't call any one... i love burning in this love...

Ed Muzika AysheGul, you are a lucky, lucky woman. God sent you a sheikh! Or vice versa.

AysheGul Ashki Kaan An-Nur i burst into the flames of love... i become drunk with the mystery of love...dervish lover circling the great guruji banquet of love in the paradise of love...

AysheGul Ashki Kaan An-Nur the light of essence shining from the great guruji merges me with the Sultan of Love

AysheGul Ashki Kaan An-Nur lost in the gurujiiiiii beyond external form my body is consumed in the radiance of love...

Ed Muzika Yes, I know of what you speak. The sense of utter surrender, of becoming dust at His feet, of becoming nothing, but filled with His grace and love, a love that feels like a dynamo, that fills your beingness and spills out into the world. Yes, and ecstasies that start with a roar, gradually becoming lighter, yet deeper, and have a sweet fragrance and leaving a sweetness in your mouth. In Him you feel the breath of God breathed into you! Yes, I know this well, and you are not lucky, but graced by God.

AysheGul Ashki Kaan An-Nur yes beloved yes yes forever yes one-in-love timelessly

Me:  you see, such a one aflame, will go far and create ripples for a long time.  This appears to be 100% opposite a direction from a Zen monk or Advaita Chela, but in fact both are lost in the ultimate pursuit both of the Infinite and themselves. One is lost in the search for truth, the other in an absorption in the other.  Both become empty, useless to all but God.


  1. Excellent information provide for us.....................
    Exhaust Flames

  2. Edji Devotion is becoming the main thread all around. It is as if it wants to drwon as many as it can...Grace abound


  3. How awesome! How truly amazing! Such Grace!

    Janet B.

  4. So Beautiful...and YES!, graced by God.

    With Love,