02 January 2012

Let us forget the Ramana Maharshi ideal of loving everyone and everything. If we love everyone, doesn't that mean we really don't love any ONE? If we love everything, doesn't that mean we really do not love any one THING? When love becomes generic, it loses its value because it is as common as dirt, and all objects and people are the same.

But in real life, is it not the passionate, exclusive, and singular love for the beloved, that allows us to see God in human flesh? Is it not singular, exclusive love that allows the personal self to burn away, to become empty and totally receptive to the other? If love were everywhere, to whom or what can we surrender?

Was not the love of Rumi for God and for his guru, Shams? It was not for all the trees in the forest, or all the people on Facebook. It was for his one beloved, God in Shams.

It is in this duality with the beloved that we find God on earth in human or animal form, and the beloved finds God in us. God worships himself through me and you in duality.

Only then, only when love has completed its work does the self, the I Am, drop away and we find rest in stillness, emptiness and receptivity—the silence of the heart.


  1. Edji, it is like hearing the wisdom of the ages. "God worships himself through me and you in duality'"

    Ramana had arunachala, did he not as a focus of Love?

    John of the Cross, said, "love the creater, not the created". Even that concept speaks to the heart.
    Gratefully, Mike

  2. consciousness and love, TOGETHER.
    consciousness alone, too cold.
    love alone, too sentimental.

    but oh when bound together.
    mature, holy, spacious Love.

  3. What's the difference between the creator and the created? Is not the creator also, created in a sense?


  4. So, timely. Thank you Edji.


  5. The teaching is simplicity itself.
    Destroy the mind and Love/Joy/Peace/Happiness will come by themselves.

    There is still a doer present to do and to think all these things.
    When one becomes no-thing these verities become more clear that you have never been anything other than those verities themselves.

    to Anonymous...

    Why separate consciousness and love?

    Consciousness IS love/Joy/Peace/Happiness.
    No-thing IS love/Joy/Peace/Happiness.
    Boundless space IS love/Joy/Peace/Happiness.

    As the mind weakens and destroyed you will see that you are all of these there's no separation at all.

    They are all One and the same.

    Is there anything else?

    Love to all



  6. How do we even know that Love is even real? Seriously, there are feelings and emotions that we call Love, but...

  7. Right, call it what you want it doesn't really matter.
    But we're not talking about the relative plane where emotions, and human feelings predominate.

    That which IS - call it any name you want - is beyond the relative.
    That which IS real, never changes, it always was, always is and will always be.
    Right here, right now!
    Feel it!
    Stay there and see the reality of what IS now!
    Then you will see why it is called by the names it has.

    In other words you must have your own experience of it otherwise it becomes intellectual and not worth anything.

  8. I am sorry Ed, but I don't agree, at least for now, about love losing value because it is common when everything included.
    Simply, for some, singular love can mean 'me and cat', for other can mean 'me and everything'. There is no boundary to 'my lover'. Duality is not bound by the number of objects. It is a great task to learn loving your beloved where the beloved expands in various directions.

  9. paul, i think you're right.
    why separate?
    consciousness, space, Nothing ARE Love.

    anonymous #2

  10. On the contrary, Stop thinking and experience it for yourself.
    Once your mind is gone then everything will reveal itself.


  11. Paul,
    I am speaking of a method of meditation. Focusing on the beloved which is also you. You appear to be referring to this as wrong, and one simply has to stop thinking, everything is revealed. And apparently that "everything" is "contrary" to what?

    Let go of thinking then you instantaneously love everyone and everything? Is this what you are saying and is this your experience or your conjecture?

    I have no clue based on the few sentences you have posted.

  12. Stop thinking refers to going beyond the thinking mind. Silencing the mind, the no-mind.:-)
    Absolute stillness of the mind.

    If this can be achieved then Love/Self/Peace/Happiness/Joy/Bliss or whatever you wish to call it will surge up of it's own accord and take you over.

    Remember, all sadhana is just to make the mind quiescent?

    "Let go of thinking then you instantaneously love everyone and everything?"
    When the world is seen from That place, everything and everyone is Love.
    Why? because you have become love.
    Everything is the one. No-one is left to become loving or to be loved because you are LOVE itself! You just are.

    This is why it is said;
    Be still and know that I am God.

    Still the mind and know this, and you don't even have to be still physically either. :-)