21 January 2012

Email to me:

It's a noble fight, to try to bring advaita and love together.

I don't know how much you seen of what's out there, but
there's a robotic, forced vibe from many, many teachers.
Even well known ones like adyashanti, for example.  it's
someone who jammed themselves into an advaita model.
took a very human, juicy soul and stuffed it into
a theory on how to be spiritual.

Where's the naturalness?  the ease?

Why don't even the most famous teachers look like
they are comfortable in their own skin?

It's as if one looking to mix advaita with love, with
feeling is leveling with people, saying "c'mon, you're still
a person, whatever level of 'attainment' you've
Achieved."  why arent' more teachers talking about jealousy, anger, sex?

Christ edji, you're on your own.  That's why i say it's a noble
fight.  it's far too easy to be a statue of perfect advaita
purity, whatever the hell that is.

It's phony, it's forced.  And people like me starve to death
around teachers like that.

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