16 January 2012

I just got home from VAC West LA where Lakshmi's oncologist thoroughly examined her and she had an ultrasound of her GI track. 

No sign of the cancer returning!  She has been on chemo now for three years and three months.

Her problem is stomatitis, which is a painful inflammation of the mouth and gums of unknown origin and with no known cure.  There are many ways to try to control it, and you have to keep trying until you happen on a method that works.

Steroids are no longer working to control it, so she has been losing weight.  She is now 5-1/2 pounds instead of 7, which she was nine months ago.

Now we are giving her SQ fluids, which means 100cc of lactated ringer's solution injected under the skin, a new course of an antibiotic in case there is a new primary bacterial infection of her mouth, alpha interferon which had to be procured from Europe as it does not have FDA approval, and depending on blood tests, in a few days we will be trying a new experimental anti-inflammatory medication.

In the meantime she is receiving a narcotic pain killer so it does not hurt so much when she eats.

Already, she has improved a bit, preening herself and eating.  It was a long trip for she and I, but very much worth it.


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  2. Congrats, Edji and Lakshmi.