18 January 2012

A note relevant to the previous post about going naked before God.

Some think there is a geat distance between Bhakta and Jnana.  Only in the outward form.  Though Robert is called a Jnani even in the Ramana Ashram, remember his famous story of meeting Ramana.  I don't know whether it occurred when he first met him, or later when walking around Arunachala.

Robert said this story with great passion.  I was there at this Satsang.  He was electric.  He sat on the edge of his chair perched somewhat forward and looked upwards and into the distance, as if he were again seeing Ramana.

He said Ramana and a group of people walked towards him and suddenly he felt complete surrender and devotion.  He felt utter humility and wanted nothing more than to touch the guru's feet and surrender.

He said he took off all of his clothes and dropped at Ramana's feet, totally surrendered.  Totally loving and devoted.

At this point Robert said, "This is how you have to be," as if the story was self-explanatory as to the need for surrender.

Ramana supposedly either grabbed him or told him to arise, I don't remember the story exactly and said, "I have been waiting for you."  I'll bet Ramana did not specifically mean Robert, but he had been waiting for any of the  devotees that showed such devotion and surrender, because these people, these devotees already were close to God and felt the ecstasies of being with the infinite. 


  1. The guru and the desciple merge and become one and then disappear altogether...but over time, devotion comes alive again! No separation yet devotion!how is it even possible! Its mysterious beyond words... It is the only thing, I am finding, that remains ultimately. More devoted now than I was when I needed you to cook me. Its all too mysterious to put in words and sweeter...


  2. "I welcome you with all my heart..."

    The division of 'jnani' and 'bhakta' is insane. It doesn't exist. Robert was full of love. Constantly talking about compassion, loving-kindness. Always warning students not to misunderstand realization as indifference to people's suffering.

  3. Dearest Ed,

    Surrender is such a mysterious thing. I met you almost one year ago and surrendered naturally. I loved you deeply and you returned my love multiplied. But soon many hated me. I became so afraid, so defended. Each time you told me how such and such person hated me I got into an argument with you and ran. I then slowly started losing my capacity to surrender to you. How perfect for I had to die to my desperate need for others’ approval and acceptance. I had to confront my deepest fear of rejection. Such terror.

    But you loved me and you taught me how to love myself. My goodness - such perfection. I am so indebted to you. I love you so much.

    You are my Beloved – Om Guru Om,
    Janet B.

  4. beautifully said janet b.
    as far as people hating you, maybe it's the old yoko and john lennon story. 'we want him all to ourselves yoko, go away!'

    it's kind of a catch-22 though, isn't it? if yoko goes away, so with it goes john's inspiration and no more beautiful music.
    hang around. i personally loved the 'cat-fights', tension. it's great fun. great fuel for the fire.

    come back to this wonderfully dysfunctional spritual family! hehehehehe

    if you think you can't grow in this environment, let me tell you a story about this guy named Jesus and his flock. betrayals, jealousies, suicides, crucifixion...

    it's a bloody mess this bhakti path.
    we wouldn't have it any other way!

  5. for anyone curious about this story, the wanderling talks about robert's meeting with ramana and his own encounters with him here:


  6. I've always liked the passage below. But I have a question Edji. Would you say that making a firm distinction between love and knowledge is a sort of trap?

    "Atma is the Heart itself. Its manifestion is in the brain. ... The Yogis say that the current rising up to sahasrara (brain) ends there. That experience is not complete. For Jnana they must come to the Heart. Hridaya (Heart) is the Alpha and Omega." - Reflections on talk with Sri Ramana Maharshi


  7. John,

    Thank you. Perhaps now that we have seen our demons we can begin to tame them and actualize our Bhakti nature - extend our love to each other rather than indulge in 'cat-fights'.

    Janet B.

  8. thanks janet b.
    i think people like you who fight on the front lines risk the most and gain the most.

    i play it safe in the background. i'm a coward. i write such lovely poetry while i'm filled with hatred, self-loathing, low-self esteem, jealousy, sadness.

  9. John,

    You are all right. It's easy for one to be 'cocky' and even manic when she is being loved unconditionally.

    Janet B.

  10. Thank you Edji. Fascinating and very encouraging. - Adam