03 January 2012

As some may know, Jo Ann, Mamaji, and Alan have left our Sangha. They will be sorely missed.  As you may know, Jo Ann ran our online Satsang.

I am sure there will be many stories told as to why they left, and the only true story is that the reasons are unknown and unknowable. Consciousness has decided they are to move on.  It really was not their decision, or my actions, although it is all too easy to create stories and "isolate" (speculate) reasons.

Really, when you live from emptiness, from the heart, you just see shit happens, and then happens again in a different direction a few minutes, hours, or months later.  It never stops.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, the situation and rules change.

People think awakening means a rest from this cycle, but really, it only means you find rest by letting it pass by or to involve yourself as you choose. As Robert said, awakening only takes the sting out of the process, as well as provides a light on the rest of your path.

Satsang on Saturday evenings will continue, but I think I’ll take a 2 week break so that I can visit my mom in Arizona and maybe spend a few days in Sedona.

Good luck you two!


  1. that's beautiful edji.
    thank you for your transparency.
    i wish the folks in our government would operate the same way.

    it's all Unknown and it doesn't really matter. people come for a million different reasons and leave for a million different reasons.

    what's Constant? i ask myself.
    what is Here regardless of all the changes?

    i must admit i'm a little sick though--- when people leave i think it's because you're doing something Right!


  2. "The only true story is that the reasons are unknown."


    It will behove each of us to remember this statement as we may hear reasons and rumors.

    It is human nature to want a cause for everything.

    I just read this statement by Nisargadatta, how timely.

    "But why worry so much about causation? What do causes matter, when things themselves are transient? Let come what comes and let go what goes - why catch hold of things and inquire about their causes?"

    Much happiness to you Jo-Ann and Alan. You will be missed.


  3. One of the most loaded and illusory words just might be "why" and "because".

    Perhaps reducing things to concepts of cause and effect might be a way to avoid our feelings, take responsibility and maintain separation.


  4. Funny you really believe it's possible to leave anything?
    This idea of leaving is how attachment is born. As Ramana often said "where can I go"

    Have fun in Sedona a friend of mine John-Paul has a healing center there lives in a dome house near downtown Sedona if you know him stop by and say hi he's a good lad.