02 October 2011

Truth has nothing to do with the mind.
Satsang October 1, 2011


  1. I enjoyed this satsang while i could but technical difficulties yet again interferred about halfway through and i got disconnected. Cant wait to listen to the rest of this when i get home.

    I have been trying not to use the mind Edji, in a few ways: ignoring the one who has to understand, ignoring the one who thinks they don't understand, bascially trying to ignore all aspects of the mind.

    Yet, my sadhana is of the mind. The idea that i have to practice ultimately means there is someone to practice and thus more mind. Often in the nisargadatta gita, it says to JUST BE. This is what i have been doing the most, just being, not this or that, not father, not son, not seeker after truth, not one who is not enlightened, just being. Not even really trying to just be. I still sit in silence if the opportunity arises and i really enjoy it, but other than that the practice has become pretty effortless. More doubts creep in this way; if you dont do this and meditate this many times a week, blah blah blah, nothing will happen. But i have to ignore this i guess.

    I guess im trying no effort for awhile, since i've been doing so much effort the past year.

    Its interesting to note, since my practice has become less "frictional", less forcing myself to do things, my dreams have become all about conciousness. Every dream i seem to have is some message about conciousness. For example, i've seen Robert in dreams recently and had several other dreams about conciousness. But im sure none of that really matters and i don't interpret it, that would be more mind, i just wanted to let you know.



  2. Compassionate!
    Hard Hitting!

    Keep'em coming Edji.

  3. The more intensive my efforts become to stay in the 'I am', the more my ego fights back.

    I fully understand Pradeep Apte's comment in the Nisargadatta Gita: "this is a battle against the current". My thoughts become like a raging torrent after even a short period of abiding in the self. It's as if the ego is saying "You think you can get rid of me so easily (I'll get you - and your little dog, too!)" *evil laughter*

    I liken it to trying to climb a glacier with roller skates on my feet. There's nothing more slippery than the ego.