17 October 2011

Two people have called the following Satsang the best ever.  Part of the reason is it has two guided meditations after the chanting.  Part of it is we cover Nisargadatta's deepest teachings in Prior to Consciousness.  Part of it is my confession as to what it takes to wake up: becoming empty and a discussion of the Transpersonal (Wilber) point of view on developmental continuums and psychotherapy/spirituality methods.  You judge.

Satsang, October 15, 2011


  1. Well my beloved Edji,

    This certainly fried Mamaji's mind...

    Deepest love and devotion,


  2. My Belov-Ed,

    The guided meditations make this PERFECT!

    With Great Love,

  3. Thank you Ed for reminding me and like Robert said:

    "You have the freedom to make a choice, to go deep within, or just be part of this world, which is always changing, changing, changing."

    Longing for Your Love,