20 October 2011

From a long time student. He speaks for many:

Namaste Ediji

This is just one big thank you letter. Since finding you on the net a few years ago my search finally found the right method and the right teacher .

My spirituel his story is long and boring but now through meditating on and becoming the I am ( fleeting glimpses ) everything drops away from me. I stopped reading my 10 000 books, I stopped listening to anything except you and Maharaj.

And I have withdrawn even more from people. I still have a working life, and a loving wife who pulls me out once in a while….and I am happy. I very much live in two worlds . What still stops me from just being with myself and dedication all my life to the I am is my love for my students and my family. I really feel up to know my life was meant to have two pillars one was my love for others and one my love for the I am. That meant that my spirituel growth is slow ( more then 25 years…) but my life was very full with experiences. The pull gets stronger now though to move deeper and deeper into this strange and beautiful sense of being. And I have to thank you for this, you through whom the divine is so beautiful singing its song.

I am not denying that with my inner peace some fear of the unknowing is coming up and I have entered unchartered waters…..but in hearing your word that guide me like a torchlight through this territory I gather strength to go all the way.

I hope to meet you one day on a retreat, to touch your feet and then to look into your eyes …and with tears say….thank you and thank you again

In deep gratitude,

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  1. This is so beautiful and moving. I am always so encouraged by these kinds of letters. I share in this writer's gratitude and desire to thank you personally one day Edji.